Why an Oven is Not a Smart Place to Hide $15,000

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Jul 26, 2010
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There is nothing harder for a petrolhead to face other than having to let go of his beloved ride. And after a great and countless memorable moments with his Toyota Supra, the obligations towards his own family like the mortgage, bills and so forth had forced a man from Sydney to sell off his cherished ride. It was not an easy decision for him, but as a father of two, one does not have that much of an option during these fickle economic situations.

He managed to let go of his ride for $15,000 (RM 49,000), and it is with that cash that he hopes to lessen the burdens that is clamoring up his shoulders. But the loss of his Supra was just the start of his bad luck as things were about to get even worse for him in just a short while. In the hopes of keeping the money safe and secure, he decided that the best place for the money to be kept in is somewhere hidden in the house where one rarely goes or uses; which in this case is surprisingly in the kitchen’s oven.

Although at first it sounded like a brilliant decision as his wife never used the oven before, it was actually one of the worst as the cash; all $15,000 of them had gone up in smokes when his wife turned on the oven to pre-heat some chicken nuggets. The man was utterly devastated, especially when he was going to use the money to pay off the mortgage the following day.

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"I've got nothing to my name. That money was supposed to go towards my mortgage. I had a call from Westpac on Tuesday asking me when I would pay because I missed a payment on Monday."

"I told them 'I'll pay tomorrow, but then the money was burnt'.", said the man.

But he was not about to give up as he took the melted chunks of cash to the bank in an attempt to deposit the money. Unfortunately for him, the third strike came in as the teller at Merryland’s Westpac branch would not accept any of it, despite the pleas and misery of the distraught man.

A spokesman for Westpac Merrylands later on offered an apology for the situation and will try to “do whatever we can do within the guidelines” in helping him. The Reserve Bank of Australia has a policy on damaged and incomplete notes, where those less than 20% missing from the notes are paid full value and those missing 20-80% is paid with the percentage remaining. No payment is made if the damage exceeds 80%.

It all sounds like a very sad turn of events for this unlucky guy, but word from Australia’s 86 Forums says that at the end, the bank agreed on replacing the full amount of his loss. Hopefully that bit is true as it is totally beyond imagination to have lost such a big amount not by theft or any sort of crime, but by an oven heated up for some nuggets.



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