installing a old radiostar but now instal guide.

Jun 12, 2009
I have the folowing problem. I have bouth the alarm a cupple jears ago.(4jears) at a dealer in holland. it was installed in a old corsa.(wife's car) when the car went to the junkjard i removed the alarm.
In this time i moved to a diverend house. so the original box and munual where trown away by my wife!:banghead:

I whent back to the dealer for a new manual so i could install it in my own car. unfurtuntly the dealer dousn't exist anymore.:mad:

I tride to find the manufacter of the alarm but could find it. Dous any body now how i can get some information how to instal it. the basic things are not that hard but i would like to now the connection wiring for the doors. i have a citroen with probebly a negatief pulsing door engine.

only thing i got is