[how to] car fire extinguisher bracket


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Aug 13, 2008
Tools needed:
1. Set of spanner to open driver seat nuts (only 2 unit at the front) and to tighten the ff housing to the bracket.
2. Drill to make a hole at the bracket.
3. Grinder/saw/knife cutter to cut the aluminum sheet.
4. File to smoothen the surface after cutting job.
5. C clamp and piece of wood to bend the sheet.
6. Sand paper to smoothen the surface before the paint work.

Material needed:
1. 3mm Aluminum sheet (or whatever suitable material).
2. Paint.
3. Bolts and nuts to mount the ff housing to the bracket.

Here we go:
1. My friend gave me car fire extinguisher.

2. After googling, i decided to put it under driver seat due to easy to reach if i need to use it. Measurement, cutting, drilling and bending.

3. After everything been tested and fit, paint it with red color (it is just optional).

4. After the paint really dry, mount the fire housing to the bracket (can use rivet but i choose bolt and nut).

5. Install it under the seat driver and make sure it is not block your seat movement.

6. After everything is satisfied, adjust back your seat position and you good to go.


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