Price for Proton Iswara Aeroback Repaint

Discussion in 'Car Shops and Services' started by henry82, Jan 25, 2010.

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    HI Guys,

    I am new here... recently i just got my car bang. After went to margart workshop i decided to repaint my car(Whole body). I stay in cheras... what is the cheapest price i can get ? My original color is dark grey metalic.. If repaint to black metalic or repaint back to dark grey is how much? Any suggestion?

    **If my thread is post in the wrong section... pleas move it to the correct section. thank you admin. :)

    I would really appreciate if anyone can give me some help here..

    Million Thanks:biggrin:
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    hey bro, i just recently painted my car at pandan perdana, cystral red paint was RM1850 (inside out) if mettalic would be cheaper.

    Why dun u call this guy, james - 0123877701.

    hope this helps :)

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