MEXAS automobile servicing to your place

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MEXAS automobile servicing to your place

Mobile Express Auto Service – MEXAS is a pioneer in Malaysia Service Industry in providing On-Site Vehicle Servicing to its customers. Currently the Company is serving the population in Bangi, Kajang, Puchong, Putrajaya, Semenyih, and Cyberjaya. The Company is planning to expand its operation to other areas in Selangor and soon will venture into other main cities such as Penang, Seremban, Ipoh and Johor Baharu.

Formed in 2010 and although still at its early stage, it has achieved a lot of recognitions and praised for its professionalism and the quality of service from customers. In fact, since its conception stage the Company has been setup in such a way that high professionalism and quality of service is the Company’s top most priority.

1. Save Time
Everyone has 24 hours per day. Time is ticking when you waiting in queue at workshop and traffics. Avoid spending time unproductively. By engaging MEXAS you can spend more time on your work or with your friends and family.

2. Save Money
You pay for every drop of fuel that you consume to get to normal workshop. With MEXAS, the cost is on us.

3. Save Energy and Environment
You are much better off spending your energy with real exercise for your health rather than spoiling your energy and mood waiting at normal workshop. Fuel is also a form of energy and when wasted it adds to air pollution. MEXAS allows you to conserve energy and at the same time contributes positively to the care of our environment.


We offer competitive pricing on our parts and services. It is not a surprise if you find that we are even cheaper than you normal workshops. At times we will make special promotions so stay tune with the news in our website.

We accept Credit Cards, money transfer through Maybank2u or by Cash on the actual commencement of the service.


If required, our team can be mobilized 24 hours – 7 Days per week. To make an appointment, you can either call our call center or by emailing us at It is always useful to include your mobile number when you are writing email for an appointment so that we can respond to you quickly by phone.

To ensure smooth reservation process, please have the following minimum information readily available before phone call or include them in your email to us.

* # Vehicle Model (eg: Proton, Wira)
* # Engine cubic capacity (eg: 1.3cc)
* # Type of service required: (eg: Standard Oil Change /or/ Oil Change, Air Filter and Spark Plugs)


MEXAS has adopted strict quality control of all the services rendered to its customers. MEXAS mechanics exhibit distinguishable image from any other normal workshops workers. They come complete with company uniform and as security measures, a company identification card and password to enable our customer to positively identify MEXAS mechanics.

MEXAS mechanics shall ensure that the surroundings are suitable for carrying out the job without disturbing the neighbourhood and carefully avoiding from making any physical contact with other nearby vehicles. All stain prone areas such as car seat, steering, and gear knob are covered properly to avoid oil stains

MEXAS mechanics are well trained and they will use right tools for the right component of the vehicle. MEXAS mechanics are trained to avoid oil spillage to the road, parking space or car porch flooring. Also as an obligation to safeguard the environment, all oil refuse, used materials and consumables will be properly disposed by MEXAS. The area will be left clean just as the way it was before

What if it is raining outside? No problem, we will carry out the job in the rain if required. Our mechanics are equipped with rain coat and the vehicle will be covered with a canopy to ensure that rain will not get into engine or passenger area.

MEXAS recognizes that knowledge and skills are the elementary elements in ensuring the delivery of quality service. To achieve this, MEXAS staff knowledge is regularly upgraded by sending them to relevant trainings and seminars. Some of them are sent to recognizable automotive institution to get a higher certification in automotive repair and servicing sector.

All spare parts and consumables are purchased from reputable suppliers and is inspected thoroughly during the goods receive inspection process. All items are serialized for storage and registered when loaded into any one of our Mobile Service Workshops (MSW) and are audited after the MSW return to the base at the end of the day. All the strict quality procedure is adopted give no allowance of mistake and compromise to the quality of parts and consumables for its customers.

All key processes in the company are properly documented and adherence to the procedures is reviewed from time to time. The company will also be embarking an effort to get the ISO9001 soon.

The above is just an overview of the service quality level that can be expected from us. There is nothing better than to experience our service first hand.

MEXAS can be contacted by calling our call center, email or by filling up the feedback form. Our call center opens from 8am to 5pm daily Monday to Friday, and 8am to 1pm on Saturday. You can leave a voice message after the office hours which will be reviewed in the next day. If you still need to talk to us you are always welcomed to call our Operations Manager at +6012-3225608

anytime 24-7.

Call Center:

Phone :+603-8927 3357
Fax :+603-8927 3357

Operation Manager:

Mobile :+6012-3225608
Fax: +603-8927 3357

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm
Saturday: 8am - 1pm

Operation/Service Hours:

*-Operation after normal service hours can be arranged with advance reservation. Kindly contact us.

7 days a week : 9am to 9pm

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sign up here for free at plz insert " bev644" as introduce vechile no - MUST FILL UP-
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