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JDM Sunday Uphill Breakfast

Discussion in 'The Malaysian Skyline Club' started by Temujin, Jan 30, 2012.

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    It has been a while since we went for an uphill drive. The months of December and January were filled with seasonal holidays such as Christmas and the Chinese New Year as well as the New Year Holiday and several others. It was good to have a drive uphill after weeks of hiatus. Normsta, a cool dude came all the way from Adelaide to Malaysia to taste some motoring awesomeness in this part of the world, had the chance to witness this drive up Goh Tong Jaya. He had travelled as far as Johor Bharu to capture awesome cars on camera and soon will be contributing some automotive goodness from down under as well.


    I had woken up at 5am to get ready for the drive; a ungodly 7am early rendezvous on a Sunday morning would usually be a bit too much for most to just have breakfast some 100 kilometres away. Call it an addiction where part of it is the drive itself, driving fast through the winding mountain roads but also the camaraderie of like-minded individuals. Breakfast in itself is just a simple affair, none of the usual toast and butter but the local fare; roti telur which is a paratha or Indian flat bread filled cooked with eggs within and teh tarik or pulled milk tea, a morning staple in this region.


    These drives were never about streetracing, no sirree. While it may seem fast, but most drivers I’ve met over the years were not gung-ho in nature. Most are working professionals who just love to drive their cars and have a chat with other enthusiasts about cars. In the mix, there are usually engineers, doctors, airline pilots, corporate executives and from other various backgrounds.


    For more, head on over to JDM Sunday Uphill Breakfast | Awesome Powered

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