Kuhl Racing preps unique chrome GTR for TAS ’16!


Since the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon is just inches away, we should be expecting some interesting creations to come from the Land of the Rising Sun, showcasing their creativity and ideas from outside the box. And one of those that had already captured our attention even before TAS itself is this interesting creation from Kuhl Racing.


While the use of bodykits has long been implemented to give a car a brand new look, the guys at Kuhl Racing had taken the idea to a whole different level. Using a Nissan R35 GT-R as their platform, they will be showcasing the car fitted not only with an insane bodykit, but also one that has engravings carved onto the custom body panels.



And if that has yet to capture your attention, the whole car was given a chrome finish and then sprayed in gold. This widebody kit actually started its life like any other kits, which seems to be made out of fiberglass. It is then handed to the talented hands of an artist to give it a unique texture by carving out the design.


This type of design might not favour everyone who sees it, but it is interesting to see something new from the tuning scene to spice things up. One thing for sure though, something like this will definitely catch the attention of the Arabs if they are looking for something different.