Since its establishment back in 1993, McKee Racing is one of the top and trusted tuners that one could find in Malaysia. Starting off its journey tweaking JDM machines into barely road-legal monsters, McKee now widens up their scope by also getting their hands dirty on European cars and being a specialist in tuning Nissan’s new monster, the GT-R. But it does not stop there as McKee is always set to give the customers a satisfying experience by also providing them events and activities for them to participate, like what we have seen last weekend through their inaugural McKee Festival of Speed.

Featuring an all-Euro lineup, the top tuner from Sunway’s horsepower valley shook the Sepang International Circuit wide awake with the roar of thousands of wild horsepower waiting to be unleashed. A huge number of famous European marquees crowd the pits and the circuit, all ready to spend the weekend with an ample dosage of speed and adrenaline.

German cars are a must-show when it comes to European cars, and there were plenty of Audis in the form of TT, S4 and R8…

…and Volkswagen’s Polo, Golf and Scirocco waiting to get a go on the circuit.

Mercedes is not a common name that we usually hear when going for track events over here in Malaysia, but there is always exception given, especially for the 6.3-liter monsters like this SLS AMG and CLS 63.

There were not much BMWs present that day, but the ones that made it are some serious stuff. Of course, the M6 is already a fierce machine with the massive 5.0-liter V10 under the hood, but one could just gape in amazement in seeing BMW’s huge X6M outrunning a supercar on the makeshift drag strip.

A couple of famous British marquees also made it to the event. Other than this handsome Aston Martin DBS matched by this bold-looking Bentley Supersports, there were also plenty of Mini; which is no surprise since McKee is also known for tuning these small machines into a pocket rocket.

Considered as one of the hot hatches around, some Renault machines also made an appearance to prove that an FF layout is not something to be underestimated.

This very first McKee Festival of Speed received an overwhelming support from supercar clubs/owners that flocked to Sepang in making this event a success. The Ferrari Owners Club Malaysia (FOCM) and Porsche Club Malaysia (PCM) poured in with such an immense headcount that everywhere you turn, there will be at least one of them either sitting around idly or zooming by.

The Lotus Car Club Malaysia (LCCM) also helped in filling the pits with some interesting machines in a spectacular number. Elises and Exiges were all over, and the hardcore 2-11 also made an appearance to show how a lightweight car could be turned into a deadly track weapon.

The headcount for the Lamborghini present may not match the Prancing Horses, but the ones that turned up are not the ones that one usually sees, like this vicious red Diablo VT.

If that is not rare enough for you, how about a combo of the 350-unit worldwide Super Veloce…

…or the even rarer 150-unit Super Trofeo Stradale?

And this event would not be McKee-ish enough if there were no GT-Rs around, which fortunately there were. Other than the usual faces that we have seen blasting through the drag battles at the last McKee DRAG.INFO on our previous TIMETOATTACK Round 1 and 2, there were also some new interesting faces that had come to our attention.

Aside from this twin Spec-V that just got back from the circuit…

…this full carbon GT-R also caught our eyes with at least 90-percent of the original body panels being replaced with this lightweight yet impressively strong material.

With such a diverse and astonishing response shown by the massive attendance from owners all over, We would like to congratulate McKee Racing for the great event, serving us an almost-all European goodness.