Tuscani Lighting full Conversion

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Apr 3, 2005
Dear Bros

Need ur help... esp V-Spec and Alex. I am looking into converting my 2003 coupe interior lighting to blue(2007) from red.

I have taken apart some component like triple gauge and test with 2007 component. However seem easier(and cheaper) to swap some LED. Example the air-con LED is white with red rubber caps - Where can I find BLUE caps?? Also Really need to test on the main instrument cluster but all the Hyundai center must buy cluster first and no warranty. Call me PLS!!!

The results I hope will benefit all member doing lighting conversion...
Suggest just purchase replacement LEDs from Jln Pasar and change 'em.
It is not difficult to change the LED behind the gauge. the worst part is changing the LED which is integrated with the switch. It is quite impossible. If you only change the gauge and not the switches, it will look a bit awefull.

I will try to look into it and come back to you later. Interesting mod, I would like to do it too as my cd player has blue lighting too... Hope to share more soon...
Guys, can sms me ur contacts as my SIM died two days ago. I have opened up the air-con but the lights are not LED but some kind of white bulb with red rubber covers. I also opened the switches and you would need to solder different LED into it. I may consider just buy new 2007 window switches so thats why need to meet u to test. I already tested the triple gauge, it is simply plug and play. However the speedometer is actually two red plastic circles therefore I think need to replace the cluster completely...
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