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Mar 1, 2011
Kuala Lumpur
Hi all,

Just to inform you guys, one of my friends' Honda DC5 was stolen last night near Taman Medan, PJ. Please be on the look out. The number to call is 0176763864.

Thanks for any help in advance!
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im staying beside taman medan, where was the car stolen at?
Never heard of CR-Z stolen though. But DC5 this one should be easier to spot since it has no nose :rofl:
Sorry to hear that about ur friend's DC5.

I thought Civic Type R is the only hot cars on target tim...
haha! CRZ to date so far stand in the number 10 ballpark. 1st one known to be reported in Tropicana City Mall. I also scared la thats why I don't mod extensively. Just be extra vigilant
on stock or aftermarket rims? i saw similar dc5 (well there's plenty of dc5 with similar color/seats around) on a flatbed around taman desa this morning. couldnt get hold of the plate tho.
hurm...might/might not be the same car,as the flatbed truck was driving in the opposite direction but i vaguely remember thinking "that might be a nice track car" as i saw it has aftermarket bodykits and rims (in similar color as well).

i would recommend you to try and cruise around that area, who knows it might still be at that area and might be your friends car. when my car is stolen it was found 2 years later in the neighboring area from where it was stolen. can try your luck.
nowaday car theives can steal all the cars they want on street by just riding a tow truck :banghead:
get some gps system install in a hidden location of our car maybe will have chance to find it back.
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