Need opinions on SVT and BT rojak

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Mar 6, 2006
I need some opinions from fellow Toyotarians. I current have a Silvertop in EE90 chassis(considering as full transplant) but it has got the rojak type of wirings and wasn't done optimally.

My current thinking is to get a Blacktop halfcut to renew the whole car, but was thinking of retaining the Silvertop block as i don't really want to go thru the hassle of getting the registration done again.

So i was wondering, since i've got like considering 2 complete engines, what kind of rojak should i do for the best drivability and output? I would be getting a 5-speed Blacktop instead of the more expensive 6-speed to cut some costs.

One of the things i would definitely be using from the blacktop would be the whole wiring set and ECU since it's obviously the better one, what else should i expect to use? Or just use the whole blacktop set minus the block(meaning even internals all use from the newer blacktop), or retain block and internals but head everything else use from blacktop?

My main point would of course be to retain the Silvertop block so as not to change the engine number which probably would be some hassle, and moreover, i kinda heard the Silvertop have the strongest block around(almost bullet proof)

Would really love to hear comments from members :shades_smile: Thanks! :regular_smile:
Obviously there's quite some problems with the current silvertop, else, i wouldn't have come up with the idea of getting a halfcut, quite some stuff needs fixing, it's leaking oil from the timing belt side, have bad idling and no power whatsoever. :(
u can retain the block, then no need to register again. and internally u can use all from the in those pistons..crankshaft and all. by doing this, might as well change to King or ACL bearing for even higher reliability if you are those who alwiz rev till 8-9K rpm.
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ok, you have 3 options here.

1st one, go with BANZAI's suggestion but that consider as full rebuilt. If cost is not what you concern, just go ahead. bear in mind, it will cost you alot there.

2nd: get Blacktop wiring and ECU, redo the wiring and rebuilt ur existing engine and balance the whole internal. (This will save you the blacktop halfcut cost)

3rd: Throw in the whole blacktop halfcut without doing anything. Keep the silvertop engine as spare. If your car won't draw too much attention from police, no prob at all, coz your roadtax also already indicate that it's 1.6l engine. (Do it if your ball is big enough)
i would rather suggest swap to blacktop.

a good friend of mine has a rojak SVT with BT parts, now it has BT header, BT cam, open pod filter, modded exhasut system, in a very light chassis. But still has SVT wiring, if still cant cope with BT speed in my heavier chassis, after third gear start to lose out.

Keep the SVT for spare engine.
Hm... actually just want to repair my car, not like wanting to change to blacktop bcoz gatal going for more high rev.

Actually planning to just get a Blacktop halfcut and use whatever parts i need then the rest would have to sell already, is that a wise choice? Coz it seems like finding the blacktop wiring + ECU also quite costly liao(refering to from forum), might as well get a whole halfcut, janji no hilang compared to if buy loose from forumers.

Wanted to retain the silvertop block coz i don't wanna re-register niah... But i heard some people say Silvertop's block is the more "tahan lasak" unit compare to blacktop?

Should i retain the silvertop block(and it's internals) then use everything else from the blacktop halfcut?

Actually thinking of looking for the most cost effective to keep my car back to running in tip top condition. Suggestions needed!

Oh, my SVT now already have some BT parts, namely the BT flywheel, BT extractor , and a full HKS exhaust system, but has rojak-ed SVT wirings and ECU :(
haha.. yeah yeah.. actually i also looking for BT extractor n BT flywheel for my SVT... hahahaha....

cus SVT block more stronger than BT
if me..i use svt all part..stat from head to bottom..head pnp,trd metal gasket,toda adj campulley,piston bt,cam bt,flywheel lighten,head skim,many thing la...but wiring use bt la..
wats the difference between BT pistons , crankshaft , con rods n cams ? or different from SVT ? higher compression ? cos i'm bout to do dat also..
even header also bigger ?
the diff btw svt piston n bt piston mayb the compression gua..if u got money..go buy toda piston wif hi comp..but only piston also not enof..u must combo wif other part la..
yeh i know BT pistons higher compression.. but wat bout othas ? crankshaft con rod cams .. by transferin those into SVT engine n usin BT wiring n ECU.. will dat make alot of difference ? wan to do like that coz got my own project lor..diferent if direct put into svt for sure have diff from ori svt wif afm..but if compare to stock bt ..i think stok bt more keng la..crank..svt crank heavier than bt gua..i guess..
share share ur progress n ur project la...
just for 2 of us la...
we can share girls also hahaha..

my fren ask to use bigger n higher compression pistons.. but don use back toyota pistons.. i also dunno wat pistons to use.. gotta find rite height..
Er... so what's the conclusion that can help me situation? Nowadays Blacktop 5M/T halfcut going for how much? Been looking around and it seems that blacktop wiring + ECU alone also around RM1k already.
if me..i use svt all part..stat from head to bottom..head pnp,trd metal gasket,toda adj campulley,piston bt,cam bt,flywheel lighten,head skim,many thing la...but wiring use bt la..

Hm... from the list of parts u stated

I already have the ST 2nd-Gen engine in my car

My plans actually a bit like yours, but am not too sure if it's workable.

- get full set(engine, meter, aircond) BT wiring + ECU
- PnP head and skim a bit for higher compression
- metal gasket
- exhaust cam pulley(gonna retain VVT-i for intake)
- BT cams
- lighten my current BT flywheel

But after calculating, quite costly also especially the wiring might be really hard to find full set
wow use metal gasket still wan to skim head.... danger tu bro....
easy to be overhead....
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for me use metal gasket oledi enough no need till skim the head....
scarelater got problem, like engine easy to overheat....

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