Honda OBD 1 and OBD 2

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Tony Yeap

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Jun 12, 2009
Like to ask the difference between Honda OBD I AND OBD II . What is the difference between the OBD I and OBD II in Honda. I've just bought this 1996 Accord SV 4. Is this model OBD II ?
In Japan , is my Honda Accord SV 4 known as CD 6 or CD 7 ?

Please advice.
In 1996, the Accord underwent the usual mid-generation facelift. More rounded bumpers, a slightly modified front fascia with new signal lights and rear taillights give the Accord a softer look. All Hondas now complied with the Federal Government's requirement of OBD II engine diagnostics though all three engine choices remained the same.

Accord Wikipedia <---Source

About the chasis..i saw one guy say his was a 96 accord im not sure if this applies to you...but you can always lift up your bonnet and check your chasis there also get the 100% accurate answer of your chasis type
Thank you, sifu,
I'll go back this week and open the bonnet to confirm my July 1996 Accord SV 4 whether it is CD 6 If it's OBD II , I'll save money to buy the F20B half cut to swap with the original 2.0L engine which is slow when move from stand still. Few foremen advice to replace with H22A which the road tax is higher. Original 2.0L with F20B DOHC will be better. But most of the foremen are familiar with the H22A and not with F20B.
I saw one half cut SM 4 with F20B and a CF 4 with F20B SiR -T manual

Best regards.

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