Car abuse


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Dec 2, 2009
Kuala Lumpur
I was rudely shocked today...when i patronised a service provider & went behind to his toilet ...what i see what i saw

Utterly abuse

more weight to the abuse

u may treat yr car like this & if he can speak
probably he will say..scold u

or over wash or improver techniques...creating these

or detail in a wrong hand

both swirls is not removed & added hologram- buffing trails

very soon the paint will be like


that is the final destiny

its ok if you dont wash ...wax or cover

the enviroment is not as harsh as our hands

things are neglected can still stand a chance to restored but not for things of abuse

I was very disheartern when i ask this professional gentleman, whom he just gave me some professional health care

but when i ask him, whether do u have aminute..he say no time ...where there is no customer...& more over he think i am trying to sell him something

I went off...shooking my head & decided to walk behind...snapping these pics & just sharing with u car lovers

do u know no exotic collector would like to buy a car being resprayed..only in our local mind set...''Boss new paint'' good loooking ma

but what is the real underline u ever wonder why newly painted
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Apr 19, 2009
same thing to my uncle's car, black color, only 2 years old, but look like 10 yrs old, cos always wash by the "kakak" at home, wash car like washing baju like really need a full detailing d


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Jul 4, 2006
bro i did send u a private msg.... can u reply me..?

im fed up that my car need to be re-spray almost every year.... i like black... but wish i knw how to maintain the way it look when its just resprayed.

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Hi guys,

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i'm driving a proton exora. As you guys might know, exora is taking air source from outside by drawing the hose to the front. Yes it is good coz it will be taking cool air from outside while driving, but quite 'giggling' when idling. I'm thinking to have my car eat more air when cruising by these 2 mod :

1) install turbo fan for computer something...
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