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Sep 11, 2008
hi to all brother,im new in here..

i have 1.3 wira,i prepairing covert my engine to 4g91,cuz my engine get a black smoke when i start my car...

so anybody can let me know abt the cost to covert 4g91?

how much for the cost of 4g91 (engine only/engin kosong)

can i use back 1.3 gearbox and 1.3 wiring?

izit save petrol then 1.3?

i saw forum got ppl say can upgrade 4g91 to 4g93 head, any different?

tq for all brother at here:burnout:


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Mar 12, 2005
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black smoke is not a reason to change engine... but if u already made up ur mind to change, no smoke also can change... lolz...

u cannot use back 1.3 wiring...
yes u can use back 1.3 gearbox
save petrol if u use 4g91 engine+gearbox... 4g91 engine + 4g13 gearbox wont save fuel...
no difference upgrade 4g91 head to 4g93 head... both is twincam head... better use da money do proper port n polish...

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