The 2017 Audi TT RS gets 400PS from a turbo’d five-cylinder!


Audi had taken off the covers on their new generation TT RS and it will come in both coupe and roadster body styles. Although looks cute to some, one shall never underestimate the TT once it gets its RS badge as this one rolls with Audi’s redeveloped 2.5-liter turbocharged inline-five engine that gets an aluminium block compared to the current motor’s steel block.


As a result, it does not only weigh 10kg lighter but also pumps out 59-horsepower more to come out with an output of 395-horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque. The engine is mated to a standard seven-speed dual-clutch transmission with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters that sends power through Audi’s quattro permanent all-wheel drive.



The automaker claims that the TT RS is able to do a zerotohundred in 3.7 seconds and 3.9 seconds for the slightly heavier roadster. To get a better picture of how fast this is, the Audi R8 with 540-horsepower goes from zerotohundred in 3.5 seconds. There are rumours that there might be a ‘Plus’ version being planned in the pipeline. If it is true, it might just give the R8 a run for its money.


Audi had lowered the suspension by 10mm to improve handling and there is also the option to get sportier suspension with adaptive dampers in magnetic ride technology. The TT RS gets 19-inch alloys and 370mm disc brakes as standard, but they do offer 20-inch wheels and ceramic brake discs as options.


To differentiate the RS from the normal TT, it has a new front bumper with larger vents, new rear bumper with ‘RS’ oval pipes, carbon fiber mirror caps, fixed rear wing, and LED headlamps. The TT RS will go on sale in Europe this upcoming fall with prices starting at 66,400 Euros (RM 292,121) for the coupe and 69,200 Euros (RM 304,440) for the roadster.