Is this mystery Ferrari the next Dino or possibly the 488 ‘Speciale’?


Since we have heard quite a number of times that Ferrari is bringing back the Dino to life, we have been keeping an eye out just in case some test mule starts hitting the streets anytime soon. The day we have been waiting for might have arrived, but there have been some speculations that this particular Prancing Horse is not the one we are looking for.


Discovered by Zero2Turbo, the images they discovered looks more like the new 488 GTB but with various updates all around. Aside from the L-shaped headlights and the vented hood, this mystery Ferrari also has a reworked profile with a different window line and air duct designs.


Not to forget, the rear part of this Ferrari had also been redesigned with new body panels. Although it looks updated, the positioning of the exhausts does look similar to those on a 488 GTB.


While this might not exactly be the new Dino, it might just be a test mule for a future Ferrari model. But considering they are not bothered to give this car any type of cover or camouflage, it might possibly be something from Ferrari’s Special Projects (SP) division in creating something based on the 488 GTB.