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Celebrating gems of the yesteryears with Retro Havoc 2016!


Ever since its maiden appearance back in 2014, Retro Havoc has been one of the must-go auto events that enthusiasts will always be looking forward to every year. Featuring a wide range of cars from all makes and models, the third instalment of this oldschool-themed event has received great reception from both the owners and the visitors, filling the multilevel carpark at Bandar Puteri Puchong to the brim.



Although their first event offered the open-air experience at the Subang Skypark, they had very limited space to accommodate the cars coming in. Having this year’s Retro Havoc at a multilevel carpark like this allows them to have ample space not only for the cars, but also for extra activities on the roof.



On the first two levels, it was like a candyland for retro and JDM lovers as they managed to gather some of the most mouth-watering and rare cars that some never knew existed.


The first car that greeted the visitors at Level 1 was the granddaddy of all GTRs, an immaculate orange Nissan Skyline GT-R KPGC10 which is also known as the HakoSuka. With only 1,945 units produced, it is amazing that one managed to find its way to Malaysia.


Other versions of the Skyline could also be found in the vicinity of the HakoSuka,…


…joined by a number of S-chassis and Fairladys.


A big fan of the NSX? Retro Havoc made sure that the fans are not disappointed by having both the NA1 and NA2 at the show.


Evos like to huddle around together.


From the front, this particular Toyota may look like an SC430 from the Super GT series…


…but a peek at the back instantly reveals that it is also a Supra like the car beside it.


Oldschool events are not complete without the appearance of the legendary AE86 Hachiroku.



Once upon a time, Nissan was known as Datsun and they made some pretty interesting cars back in the days.


Japanese cars are not the only ones stealing attention as the Minis here are quite a looker.


VW Golf MK1, anyone?



But the show does not stop there as we said earlier, the rooftop has more for the visitors who are looking for more than just static displays. They somehow managed to use the available space as a mini drifting course and needless to say, the area was immediately filled with noises of screeching tires and high revving rear-wheelers gliding their way through the course.


There are also a number of interesting cars parked on the rooftop like this A70 Supra,…


…this rusty Audi A4,…


… a Liberty Walk-kitted GTR,…


…and this Amuse S2000.



Through Retro Havoc, these old cars can finally find a new lease of life and receive the proper appreciation instead of leaving them to rust. We hope that Retro Havoc could continue this tradition and return with a wider range of interesting cars and more surprises in 2017.