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Celebrating gems of the yesteryears with Retro Havoc 2016!

Ever since its maiden appearance back in 2014, Retro Havoc has been one of the must-go auto events that enthusiasts will always be looking forward to every year. Featuring a wide range of cars from all makes and models, the third instalment of this oldschool-themed event has received great reception from both the owners and …
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2015 TIMETOATTACK FINAL ROUND – The Time Attack Machines (Below & Above 2.2L) + Results!

They are made for speed. In a world where every millisecond matters, the Time Attack Machines category at TIMETOATTACK is where all eyes are glued upon to see whether we will be seeing a new record set for the year, or possibly, in the history of TIMETOATTACK itself. Without wasting any time, let us have …

Mitsubishi Hybrid SUV To Replace Legendary Lancer Evo!

The Last Lancer Evolution, the Lancer Evolution X The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is one of Mitsubishi’s longest running performance vehicle that had. They had other models as well, like the legendary 3000GT, Eclipse, Galant VR4, but none as long lived as the Lancer Evolution. Up till recently, that is. Managing Executive Officer at Mitsubishi Motors …

Caparo ready to scare the living daylights out of you with the 700BHP T1 Evolution!

The Caparo T1 is not exactly what you would describe as a tame or underpowered car by a long run. This sci-fi looking, mid-engined mean machine sends all the 575-horsepower from the 3.5-liter V8 engine to the rear tires via a six-speed sequential gearbox and with a kerb weight of only 470kg, zerotohundred takes only …

Satisfying Dad’s Wild Side – the Lancer Evolution Wagon

When a petrolhead settles down, family wise he is often faced with serious dilemmas;  primarily being, whether to keep his rebellious, fast and furious ride or simmer down with something more “family-friendly”, which could probably be a dreary and slow minivan. Fortunately, Mitsubishi recognizes that every dad has his wild side, and produces something like this Lancer Evolution IX Wagon.

The Next Mitsubishi Evo will be a 500HP Hybrid, and it’s Challenging the GT-R!

For years, we have been mourning the passing of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution after the Japanese auto maker announced that the Evolution X will be the last of the great 2.0-liter turbocharged monster sedan. But as much as we do not trust rumours, this bit of news sparked our curiosity and really caught our attention. …
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Mitsubishi Outlander and Evo X Named Pikes Peak Safety Cars, Aiming for the Top with the i-MiEV Evolution II!

We might have bid goodbye to the Mitsubishi Evolution family line, but they are still far off from being obsolete. Assuming the responsibility as the safety cars on the upcoming 2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb happening this June 30th is the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X and their all-new Outlander crossover.
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The Invasion of JDMs at the TIMETOATTACK 2012 Final Round! – Part 2

The Mitsubishi Evos that had ravaged through Sepang International Circuit on the last two rounds of TIMETOATTACK were nothing short of menacing and intimidating. With cars like Evonne being just a stone throw’s away from the 2:25 mark earlier on, the car that we might see grabbing the fastest time on TIMETOATTACK could possibly be …

A Run Into the Clouds – Emperor Touge’s 30/9 Genting Climb

Some might view Sundays as a perfect opportunity to kick in and have some time out, which also includes hanging up the car keys to let the engine rest for a bit. While that might have sounded great for some, the Emperor Touge guys however prefer to do otherwise. Rather than snoozing off the sunny …