Double kill for Mark Darwin and Proton R3 in the MCS Round 3!


Instead of a bright, sunny day like how Sepang used to be, the third round of the 2015 Malaysian Championship Series brings a wind of change into the competition as clouds were looming over the circuit and the surface was still damp from the downpour earlier in the morning. And not to forget, the race format for this round is also different as it was run in two 10-lap races instead of a 1-hour endurance format.


But if there is anything that the participants welcome, it will definitely be the challenge that these obstacles pose. A wet qualifying session might have hampered Mark Darwin’s chances in securing pole position to start the race in, forcing him to start second on the grid next to pole sitter Fahrizal Hasan/Keifli Othman.


But the rocket start he managed to pull off during Race 1 was enough to get him up front and lead the race from start and all the way to the chequered flag. And since the starting position of Race 2 is determined by the finishing position of Race 1, nothing was obstructing Mark from the win as he repeated what he had done from Race 1 with ease.

DSC_6032 DSC_6177

Determined to keep the win this time by complying with the regulations, Tung Wei Hsiao/Desmond Khoo were in full spirits for Round 3. After qualifying ninth for Race 1, Desmond did an outstanding job making his way through the field to take home a second place finish. Securing a better start spot for Race 2 as well, Tung Wei brought more smiles for the N1 Racing Team as they got another second place finish in their hands.




Down in the MTC class, Proton R3 has finally found the rhythm they were looking for last season and putting it into good use by securing the top two positions on the grid for the start of Race 1. However, Team Sakura-Tedco’s Fitra Eri was not going to let Proton R3 take home a 1-2 finish once again and had successfully separated the duo before the chequered flag.

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In Race 2, James Veerapen took over the Suprima S from Fariqe Hairuman and led the race from start to finish while being followed closely by Fitra. Syafiq Ali however did not managed to secure a podium position as he lost the third place to Mitchel Cheah from Team Sakura-Tedco, also in a Preve.

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Malaysia Championship Series – Round 3

Race Results – Top 5 Finishers


Touring Production Class

Race 1 (10 laps)

1.Mark Darwin (Honda FD2) 25:11.560s

2. Desmond Khoo (Honda Integra DC5) 25:24.043s

3. Damien Dielenberg (Honda Integra DC5) 25:29.043s

4. Tony Teo (Honda FD2) 25:30.994s

5. Soh Kee Koon (Honda FD2) 25:46.280s


Race 2 (10 laps)

1. Mark Darwin (Honda FD2)  25:21.121s

2. Hsiao Tung Wei (Honda Integra DC5) 25:31.375s

3. Fahrizal Hassan (Honda Integra DC5) 25:35.036s

4. Damien Dielenberg (Honda Integra DC5) 25:36.036s

5. Soh Kee Koon (Honda FD2) 25:46.273s


Malaysia Touring Car Class

 Race 1 (10 laps)

1.Fariqe Hairuman (Proton Suprima S) 26:24.430s

2. Fitra Eri (Satria Neo) 26:56.523s

3. Syafiq Ali (Proton Preve) 27:03.820s

4. Charles Jean (Proton Satria Neo) 27:03.961s

5. Mitchel Cheah (Proton Satria Neo) 27:31.513s


Race 2 (10 laps)

 1.James Veerapen (Proton Suprima S) 26:31.972s

2. Fitra Eri (Proton Satria Neo) 26:50.171s

3. Mitchel Cheah (Proton Satria Neo) 27:19.240s

4. Syafiq Ali (Proton Preve) 27:23.767s

5. Charles Jean (Proton Satria Neo) 25:27.059s (9 laps/one lap behind)