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2015 TIMETOATTACK Round 1 – the Time Attack Machines Below and Above 2.2!


Purpose-built with the idea of shaving any excess milliseconds available, the Time Attack Machines category has always been the highlight at TIMETOATTACK. And it is no different for the opening round of 2015 as we welcome the familiar faces that fill in this category to Sepang International Circuit, as well as some new ones.



The 2.2 Below category was quite lively to spectate as it featured a wide mix of cars from infamous Hondas, Toyota and even a Proton! This Proton in mention is the Satria 1.8 from Pakelo Red Baron. Driven by Azman Md Nor, he managed to post a best time of 2:49.527 in this local favourite machine.

_DSC0159 DSC_0174

Being the sole Toyota in the category, it is a rare sight to see this Toyota Starlet GT EP82 entering the Time Attack Machines category. Aril Hamka from WakSam Garage DRX tamed this machine across Sepang to post a best time of 2:46.892.

_DSC0202 DSC_0638

Also a competitor in Saturday Night Fever, this yellow DC5R Integra had little rest before going back into action the following day in TIMETOATTACK. Nevertheless, with Izzat Razin behind the wheels, they managed to post a 2:39.824, placing them fourth in the category.



Tan Siaw Kian managed to clock an impressive 2:33.560 in the Honda Civic FD2-R during the first run, but obviously such timing was not enough for him. Taking the yellow sedan to its limits in the second wave, he managed to shave off 0.7 seconds from his previous best lap time, placing him third with a 2:32.835.

_DSC1708 RED_5752

A familiar face in the Malaysia Championship Series, Mark Darwin is also an avid competitor in the TIMETOATTACK series. Finding himself in the cockpit of the FAST Autowork’s lime green Honda EG6, he secured the second position in the category with a timing of 2:30.932.

_DSC1721 RED_5791

Coming up on top is Pee Sau Peng in the white Honda Integra DC5-R. Surely the fight to the top was not an easy one, but he managed to overcome the odds and went on clinching the top position with his timing of 2:29.746.



In the fast-paced world of the 2.2 Above category, another SNF competitor found himself with very little rest but was not going to hold anything back. Piloting the light blue #54 Honda Civic EK9 time attack machine, Ifwat Razak gave all he could and posted a respectable timing of 2:28.780.




Armed with a carbon-clad Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, the world of TIMETOATTACK is not a new one for Filbert Tan. With his Evolution receiving quite a number of upgrades for this particular round, he secured the third position in the category with a best lap of 2:23.642.




Looks like for the opening round of 2015, ST Powered was not going to take it easy as they came down with not one, but two time attack Evos for the 2.2 Above category. The #43 was piloted by Teh Kian Boon and with a best time of 2:16.703, he easily secures the second place in the class.



But the round of applause just had to go to Desmond Soh. After his monumental drive in the 2014 TIMETOATTACK Final Round that had shattered all the previous records, we were keeping our fingers crossed to see another lightning-quick drive from the man. Although he did not manage to set a new record for this round, one should not look down on his 2:15.331 lap time as it is still blisteringly fast!