WIRA Modification Standard --> Very Comfortable

Hi all,

I am looking to modify my 1996's 1.5 WIRA Manual, from standard to a very comfortable family car. Selling this car is not worth it as the resell value is not at all attractive. So I am planning to spend some money to get it up and running like new (or even better).

Can you direct me to a reliable workshop, that can do a very good job (quality of parts and workmanship), with reasonable price. Does not have to be cheap, but reasonable.

Here's the general list for the modification:

1. Body, chassis & suspension. Correct door gaps, suspension arm correction, sound proofing, engine heat proofing, change suspension to Monroe Reflex and normal comfort springs, paint inside and outside to 2K paint, original VKool tint (JPJ approved).

2. Brakes and wheels. To put reliable brake callipers and disc (currently I can feel intermittent jerks when I brake), to change rear brake to disc brake, to change to 15" sport rims while maintaining the same total diameter (use lower profile tires than original)

3. Engine and other working parts. Overhaul engine (or change to 4G91), change drive shafts, and check mountings for proper fitting. Currently I have an 'orchestra' in my car.

4. Air conditioning. To change to digital one with variable speed blower, and AUTO function.

5. Interior. Fit interiors snugly to eliminate all unwanted sounds, to change to 100% leather seat (not cover), to make black and white interior colour combination, to change to good sound system (Kenwood, Panasonic etc.), to put nice carpets, and change ODO meter.

6. Lights. Change new.

7. Security. To put immobiliser.

I hope I am making sense here :). Any feedback/criticism is welcome.

Appreciate if you can give me the contact number for the workshop and estimate price at my e-mail (spelling it out to prevent spam-bots):






Planning to save some money, and modify in about 10 months time.

Thanks a lot for your help.
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Jul 13, 2005
ok lo but i recomend that u do it in steps lo ... find a place where they u know are good at it .... there is no place that has the best in every sector ....


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Mar 12, 2005
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1) reallign all bodyworks for gaps and so on... autofoam ur car chassis... soundproof ur whole car... suspension, change to airbag suspension system... 2k paint inside outside.... interior, put nice nice comfortable carpets and touchups... VKool tint...

2) since u not upgrading ur engine, change better brake pads, better brake fluid and braided brake hose will do... skim ur disc if possible... after skimming, change to new brake pads.... ur choice if u wanna add rear disc brake or not... brakes upgrades are better than never.... 15" rims + low profile tyre will look nice... but lower profile tyres means less comfort... unless u can get a much better suspension system to compensate it....

3) change to 4g92 mivec engine... get the MIVEC MD version... can save fuel.... overhaul the engine and replace what u should replace... get rubber bushings instead of PU ones... rubber is more comfortable...

4) aircond... DENSO my recommendation... but if u maintain ur current engine, DENSO might affect ur car performance a little... coz i heard DENSO compressor need much more power to work...

5) interior wise... rewrap dashboard with original leather... change to orginal leather seats... color combination up to ur choice... get good quality ICE.... u still can maintain ur current VDO meter if it isnt broken... jz change to EL panel....

6) HID... LED... bla bla bla...

7) yeah, immobilizer.... 2way alarm... bla bla bla... the most hightech one...

for all the above, u seriously need to spend quite an amount of money.... good luck...


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Jul 8, 2006
Thanks! Sg Pelong? How far is it from S Buluh? Which mosque? Is the workshop any good?


Handling - I have to get good suspension, get good cv joints and shafts, stiffen the chassis, get a slightly more powerful engine.

Braking - Need to get good pads and calliper. My current brake works OK, but too well. It keeps jerking to to jammed pads. I have even flushed the whole system once. Is the original calliper bad?




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Feb 27, 2006
If you were to transplant an engine for example the MIVEC, everything will come into place so no need to worry :)

The original calliper is okay but its better to get a good 1 if you are getting a faster engine