Subaru Impreza engine WRX 2007, version 9, 2.5

Jul 5, 2013
Kuala Lumpur
Hi everyone,

First off I'm not a car person so I don't know a whole lot. But I'm asking here because a friend of mine needs help and he isn't the type to go on forums much.

So his Subaru Impreza engine died. And he needs to find a new one. Problem is, his engine is a WRX as stated in the subject. Does anyone know who's selling a WRX 2007, version 9, 2.5, engine? Or if you have contacts.


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7,000 RPM
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May 13, 2010
The Mines
I thought only ver 10 is 2.5 ?

depends...sometimes grey import or motor image do bring in 2.5model from uk...

2.5 is available long way before version 10 subaru....

if the TS still looking for engine replacement...try asking in subaru club malaysia (fb)