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May 17, 2012
Hi Y'all,

I 'll introduce myself shortly...
I'm Jean - 25years old - Belgium/Europe - More a JDM minded typ of person,but owned several German cars before too like Vw Golf 1 from '79,VW Golf 2 from '84 (The first models!),Polo 6N and drive as daily use a Vw LT46 160BHP version Van.

I have alot of friends who restore(d) Vw's,Audi,'s,Porsches,Seat,Skoda rides.
And some of them are so rextremly restored that the underchassis is painted - Exhaust,axles,complete engine are chromes out...
Perfect example is a good friends MK1 '75 Golf (2nd modelyear they were produced - Swallowtail) :

If people in MY are looking for parts (bodyparts,engine related,airbags/airride,wheels)
I'm always happy to help as I have enough friends who deals in this + I do have a few friends who live in Klang/KL/Kuantan area...So collection is possible from there if you don't wanna deal straight with myself.

Pls keep in mind,this is not my job,so I'm not there to make hudge profits on these things,I just want help people with there projects.
From September to December I'll be in Kuala Lumpur/Klang/Sunway myself,so there is always a possibillity to meet me.

Pm me for inquiries or help with your project...

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