Morning Drive: Genting Hill Climb + Breakfast + Mini Photo Shoot on Labour Day!


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Mar 14, 2009
Dear VAG members... This is a last minute plan that some of our members here suggested that we should conquer Genting on Labour day for breakfast and photo shoot... We will be meeting at Shell station located before the genting toll at 6.30am-7.00am.. Pls write down your name if you are interested.. Thanks!

1) Axel
2) D'xerox Wei
3) Spoiltbrat
Mar 28, 2012
Kuala Lumpur
Below would be the reports and photos of our Invade Genting event!

First of all we would like to thank one of our family in VAG spoiltbrat for organizing this great event which we would love to see again in the future. VAG Club is a formation of vehicles from Volkswagen Audi Group. We dont just welcome people from VAG but we welcome everyone.

This RV point for this event would be in Shell station before the entrance of Genting @ 7.30am. The team then gathered for a short briefing and for some coffee to awake themself before invading the hills of Genting.

7.30am - The team then puished off to Gohtong Jaya for dimsum and also to meet up with some of the rest.

Genting hill... here we come !

Check out the VW formation we did with the cars in Genting.

Professional photographer?

The event ended at about 1pm as it is a public holiday and traffic is starting to build up in Genting. Before the team dismiss they also headed over to Gohtong for another yumcha session

HIP HIP Hurray!

VAG Club would like to thank everyone for participating in the event.
We hope everyone enjoyed the event and we would like to see more and more of these happening soon
Any suggestions/comments are welcomed.
For more pictures kindly log onto our Facebook page @ VAG Club
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