2004 Volvo S40 T5 2.5 (A)

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2004 Volvo S40 T5 2.5 (A)


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Aug 21, 2006

For VOLVO fan, this is what you can hardly miss
One of the rare model you can hardly find
If not rare then the only one exist in Malaysia
The original S40 T5 is up for sale
Selling due to upgrade..

Dont believe? Contact me and i will proof to you this is the original T5
Just check the VIN and you know already :)
No need to buy normal 2.4i outside and convert it to T5, too hassle and complicated
This is what you need, plus full package of accessories as this is T5 Sport version
Maintaining this baby is not so headache as engine parts share same parts as V50 T5 and body parts same as S40 2.4i, still can source locally, new or halfcut

Engine: B5254T3 R5 2.5L
Transmission: AW55-50SN
Plant: Ghent, Belgium
Displacement: 2521CC
Engine Aspiration: Turbocharged
Drive: FWD
Horsepower: 220HP

- almost new battery (replaced a year ago)
- done coolant flushing
- done aircond service, now still cold even at 25C setting
- done ATF flushing
- done brake fluid flushing
- wire harness upgrade insulation
- custom LED strip headlight
- wire harness inside headlight upgraded (old one insulation crack already)
- new paint work (a year ago), just need polish and straight away be a brand new car :)
- just replace drive shaft (2 weeks ago)
- maintained at Volvo specialist foreman, JB
- car installed with Dension 500 MP3 player worth RM2k, but cannot use since its fiber cable need to replace, can source at Ebay with cost around RM200
- interior maintained with Meguiars product
- nice soundproofing by Volvo, close door like fridge door hehe
- sport multifunction steering
- nice audio system with original power amp, 2.4i doesnt have this
- original Medea 18" sport rim
- Heico side skirt and lips installed
- T5 dual exhaust system
- no leaking of oil or water or whatsoever on the engine
- low mileage around 140k km considering this is 12 years old car already

Price is on the high side since this baby is really rare and its condition is just buy and drive. I will throw in free car polish and new keyblade if the price is right (key blade is missing last time and need to made new key blade, now only use remote).

TQ ZTH and all viewer..


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