Multi Purpose Connector Set

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    Multi Purpose Connector Set
    - Various male/ female connectors are designing and making for car factory demand.
    - It's a perfect circuit checking tool. You can use it nimble on the adjustment and assistant the technician checking the car problem rapidly and accurately.

    Application Of Operation:
    1. When checking the parts, it could connect the back of terminal directly, would not to damage the circuit, reduce the circuit rust and avoid to adding impedance.
    2. Apply to any Automotive Multi-meter, the extended line of probe for oscilloscope. More convenient connection and checking rapidly.
    3. When checking the electric current, only use the lines to connect the circuit, do not need to cut the electric wires.
    4. Variable Resister can simulate the pretend signal of coolant temperature sensor, throttle valve sensor and send the pretend signal to computer. It would avoid risk to change the new parts again.
    5. Equip 2 sets LED light. It can supervise hall effect, photoelectric signal, nozzle, electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic valve of transmission shift gear and control signals.
    6. SRS Connector can simulate airbag and routed contracting device of safety belt to avoid accident or miss-judgment.
    7. Various wires in this box, it is suitable for the Europe, America and Japan terminal. High common use and convenience.

    Contents :
    1) 2pcs 5KÙ potentiometer (variable resister)
    2) 2pcs LED stroboscope
    3) 2pcs SRS Connector
    4) 2pcs Alligator clip
    5) 2pcs Probe
    6) 4pcs Acicular probe
    7) 2pcs connector ( Male / Female connectors of banana sockets)
    8) 1pc connector
    9) 36pcs Male terminals
    10) 36pcs Female terminals

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