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Continental hits landmark with 10 millionth runflat tyre manufactured

Discussion in 'News and Features' started by Dinesh, May 13, 2011.

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    Oct 13, 2006
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    Continental tyres has just reached a milestone following the manufacturing of their 10 millionth piece of their SSR runflat tyre that was made at their passenger tyre plant in Aachen. The SSR runflat tyres allow a vehicle to remain mobile for up to 160km in the event of tyre failure.

    Production of the tyre begun back in 2004 and considering that it only took seven years to reach the 10 million mark, the feat can be considered quite impressive.

    “In recent years here in Aachen, we have specialized more and more on the production of sophisticated, high-quality tyres in accordance with the specifications of vehicle manufacturers. In addition to the products with runflat technology, these also include many tires in the UHP segment, which we always deliver to car makers’ assembly lines punctually, thanks to the excellent know-how and flexibility of our employees,” said Dirk Weber, manager of the tire plant.

    Tyres with SSR runflat technology from Aachen are fitted on new vehicles in the plants of BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Mini and Volvo. Some 3 million tyres of this type will be made in Aachen this year.

    In the Aachen plant, approximately 9 million passenger tires are produced each year, particular those in the high-performance sector. The plant is running at full throttle to keep up with the heavy demand. With its 1,450 employees in the tyre plant and the neighbouring ContiTech plant, Continental is one of the largest employers and vocational training companies in the imperial city.
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