SVM stuffs a GTR’s heart into a pickup to create the Navara-R!


Remember the Juke-R? Some may call that Frankenstein hatchback a joke, but make no mistake as a GTR’s heart can obliterate almost anything with the right mods in the right hands. But it seems that the Juke is not the only tame Nissan vehicle that has received such an operation as someone had also done the same onto a Nissan Navara.

That is right. Somewhere in the UK, Nissan GTR R35 specialist Severn Valley Motorsport had taken the liberty to stuff a twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter VR38DETT V6 engine into a Nissan pickup truck. One of the few crazy cars that we could think of with the same recipe right now is the HSV Maloo, and GTS variant comes with a hefty 577-horsepower from a 6.2-liter supercharged V8.

Fittingly named as the ‘Navara-R’, the VR38DET in this pickup has more than what the Maloo can offer. 800BHP is a whole lot of power and while they have not released any official performance stats, the Qashqai that SVM once worked on did a sub-three second zerotohundred run    and has a top speed close to 320km/h.

As for the time being, the Navara-R is not for sale as it is a concept to demonstrate what SVM is capable of. But of course, if one has the right amount of money, we do not see why they could not make another one.  The cost of making one of these custom machines may set one back around £ 200,000 (RM 1.114 million), and that might be a bargain for a practical vehicle with a supercar-killer capabilities.