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The Euros & GT Cars @ 2015 TIMETOATTACK Round 1!


They are made in style, some with even comfort in mind. But mind you, when taken to a proper location like Sepang International Circuit, these Continental cars can sure post up some decent lap times that should not be ignored. The Euro and GT Cars category is the place where we can see some posh cars like Audi and BMW being tossed around properly like their Japanese counterparts and such is a rare sight to behold.

_DSC1642 DSC_0216

Of course when we say “posh”, a number of these cars already have that performance trait in their DNA. Still a very new car on Malaysian roads, we sure are glad to see the new BMW F80 M3 joining in the attack. Driven by Syaril Syamirza, he managed to tame this Bavarian machine to clock a best time of 2:48.342 in the GT Cars category.

RED_5502 DSC_0591

Putting a car like the Porsche Cayman R to compete with supercars would be suicide, so it slips under the GT Cars as well. Khoo Dat Way managed to take this Porkie for a run and posted a best time of 2:37.805.

_DSC1634 DSC_0367

The Audi S5 originally comes with 330-horsepower from its 3.0-liter supercharged V6 and that already made it a fierce car straight from the factory. But we doubt that this S5 driven by Yong Woen Wei is stock any longer as it was deafeningly loud and quick as well with a timing of 2:33.512 around Sepang.

_DSC1497 g

_DSC1588 DSC_0800

But it is the Bavarians that had dominated the podium for the GT Cars category, with Faizal Kader in the E92 M3 taking third place with his timing of 2:31.488 and Marcus Yong in the older E46 M3 with a timing of 2:31.350 that had earned him second place.

_DSC1485 DSC_0381

Showing that a naturally aspirated V8 engine can get the job done, Lee Chow Leong takes the win for the GT Cars category in the E92 M3 with his impressive timing of 2:31.048.

_DSC1644 DSC_0647

In the Street Euro category, Nazli Haffiz and his black VW Scirocco R did a pretty well job for their first outing at TIMETOATTACK, clocking a 2:54.788 in a car that is mostly stock.


Far from being a stranger in the Malaysian motorsports scene, Farriz Fauzy took on the challenge and tackled Sepang in a Renault Clio RS and recorded a best time of 2:44.827 in the French pocket rocket.

DSC_0687 DSC_0251

Taking fourth place in the category was Eugene See in the VW Scirocco with a timing of 2:42.041.




The Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG is quickly becoming one of the most favoured AMG model in Malaysia as we are seeing tonnes of them being driven on the streets. Luckily John Justin Tay brought down this AMG down to Sepang to find out what it is capable of, and did not go home empty handed as he took third place in the category with a 2:41.074.

_DSC1633 DSC_0319

_DSC1631 DSC_0238

Definitely not a Scirocco to be messed with, Tan Chor Sheng/Steve Toh sealed the deal by securing second place with a best timing of 2:36.421. Although it was undeniably fast, it was not fast enough to grab first place as Cornelius Ee/Kingston took the win with a 2:34.045 clocked in the Audi TT-S.

_DSC1655 _DSC1656

Down in the Super Street Euro category, Mark Darwin took third place by clocking a 2:43.211 in the Exotic Mod-prepped VW Golf R Mk 6.

_DSC1439 DSC_0398

Running the trusted Renault Megane RS250 for the attack, Eugene Lee steps on the podium as he secured second place with a 2:31.769.

_DSC0100 DSC_0326

However, Kingston and his Audi TT-S proved to be unstoppable as he once again took the win in a separate category with a timing of 2:27.250.