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At TIMETOATTACK, there are 1001 hurdles we would have to break through in order to ensure the whole event runs smoothly. Despite the usual interruption from Mother Nature, this time we were forced to endure the heat and smog coming from our neighbour but despite that, hardcore petrolheads and fans kept on pouring in through the gates. So we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our participants, spectators and sponsors in making the 2015 TIMETOATTACK Final Round a great success!



There is no doubt that the highlight of every round will be the breath taking cars taking part in both the track day and time attack session. But for this Round 2, we had something special brought in all the way from the Land of the Rising Sun to set the bar one step higher. Taking part in the final round of 2015 was none other than time attack legend and race car driver Nobuteru Taniguchi himself!

_DSC0331 IMG_7351

And a knight will not charge into battle without his trusty steed, so with the help from the guys from HKS and Garage R, the fearsome HKS R35 GT1000+ was safely transported to Sepang International Circuit, patiently awaits its turn to have a go around the 5.543km FIA-approved circuit. So how fast did Taniguchi-san managed to lap Sepang in this steroid-pumped GTR? We will soon find out.


Famous Japanese tuner HKS also made a notable appearance with the ultimate HKS fest on both 3rd and 4th October. Showcasing the best aftermarket parts revolving around the brand that they could offer, the HKS Premium Day also offered huge discounts available from air filters all the way to boost controllers.



Aside from the appearance from Taniguchi-san, TIMETOATTACK also experienced another of its firsts as the event was blessed with the surprise visit from a member of the Johor Royal Family, HH Tunku Idris Iskandar Ismail Abdul Rahman Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, the Tunku Temenggong of Johor.

DSC_3185 DSC_3198

The second son to the Sultan of Johor is an avid petrolhead and is currently in the midst of giving the Pasir Gudang Circuit in Johor a major makeover. Maybe TIMETOATTACK will make an appearance down south once the circuit has been reopened? We are definitely looking forward towards that!


_DSC0230 _DSC0224


Since the track day session was held on the 3rd, the whole Sunday was dedicated entirely for the time attack session. Some participants used this opportunity to bring their car for a quick shakedown to ensure everything is set for the big day.


IMG_5524 _DSC0627 _DSC0624

But before the cars hit the track, they first tested their transponders at the customary Parade Lap which is always a sight to behold, featuring more than 100 cars making their way through the pit lanes and main straight.

IMG_6346 IMG_6290

Once everything is in check, the lights turned green and the attack is on! Aside from the usual participants, it is also a great pleasure to see new faces that represents an outgrowth of the region’s automotive and time attack scene.

DSC_3021 DSC_3464 DSC_3060

It is always interesting to see cars ranging from track-prepped machines to daily-driven rides sharing the same circuit for the same purpose; trying to shave off every single millisecond possible.


As the day draws to an end, it was finally time for TIMETOATTACK to bid goodbye to 2015. It seems that Desmond Soh and ST Powered’s Evo proved to be untouchable once again as they grab the Fastest Man of the Day Track Car title with a fastest lap time 2:15.611. The combination of Taniguchi-san and Ken Ji also proved to be deadly as they secured the Fastest Man of the Day Road Legal with a 2.17.529!