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2015 TIMETOATTACK FINAL ROUND – The Euros + Results!


Before we get to the heavyweights (or lightweights) that had brought the previous Sepang records to its knees, let us have a look on the others who had brought TIMETOATTACK into the scale it is today. The world of time attack might have been dominated largely by JDM cars, but that does not mean that Continental cars are to be made fun with.


With seriously good cars like from Volkswagen and Renault lining up to defend the Euro class honours, it may be a matter of time before they could catch up and make history.

_DSC0709 IMG_5758

Starting off with the Street Euro class, the whole MINI community was represented by this sole Mini JCW GP driven by Syed Rizal. They managed to clock a best time of 2:45.133 around the 5.543km circuit.

_DSC0673 IMG_5729

Exotic Mod’s new Renault Clio RS200 did pretty well in the attack as this 1.6 turbo hot hatch managed to clock a 2:42.696 with Shedden Ee behind the wheel.

DSC_3515 IMG_5672

It must have looked crazy entering TIMETOATTACK in a Beetle, but do not the cute exterior fool you as the 2.0 variant packs quite a punch. Driven by Alan Wong, a 2:39.641 was enough to place them sixth in the category.

_DSC0743 IMG_5763

Gaining a wide popularity in Malaysia, it is nice to see a Mercedes CLA45 AMG being used properly instead of just for show. John Justin Tey managed to tame this turbocharged Merc to clock a best timing of 2:38.279.



Taking the third spot on the podium was Mohd Amir Faizal in the Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk6 with his impressive timing of 2:35.684.

DSC_3513 IMG_5636

The fight for the top two places was a close one, but Boy Wong had to settle with the second spot with his timing of 2:34.528 in the Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk6.



Taking the win for the Street Euro category was Francis Ng Yi Jie in the Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0 with a best timing of 2:34.345.

_DSC0732 IMG_5653

Down in the Super Street Euro class, an Audi S5 Sportback might looked a bit bulky for some track action but do not let the size fool you. Given a unique Tron finish, Yong Woen Wei took this S5 around Sepang and managed to post a best timing of 2:31.868.



A Sepang regular, Eugene Lee and his Renault Megane RS250 is one of the must-show faces at TIMETOATTACK, and this time he managed to clock a 2:31.298 to secure a third place in the category.

_DSC0747 IMG_5707

If we were to pick the best looking and fastest Golf R present, it has to be between these two. Exotic Mods did some pretty serious work to their 2-door Golf R and with Mark Darwin in the driver seat a 2:29.656 was enough to blow their competitors out of the way…



…except for ProArt Wing Hin’s amazing creation. This particular Golf R did miss Round 1 as it was still under development, and the hard work poured in definitely paid off as it is one of the fastest Golf R in Malaysia, clocking a blistering 2:24.958 with William Ho as the driver.


Street Euro

  1. Francis Ng Yi Jie – Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0 – 2:34.345
  2. Boy Wong – Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk6 – 2:34.528
  3. Mohd Amiz Faizal – Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk6 – 2:35.684
  4. Darren Goh – Renault Megane RS – 2:37.508
  5. John Justin Tey – Mercedes CLA45 AMG – 2:38.279
  6. Alan Wong – Volkswagen Beetle 2.0 – 2:39.641
  7. Eugene See – Volkswagen Scirocco 1.4 – 2:40.318
  8. John Wong – Audi TT Mk2 – 2:42.677
  9. Shedden Ee – Renault Clio RS200- 2:42.696
  10. Syed Rizal – Mini JCW GP – 2:45.133
  11. Kevin Boey – Volkswagen Golf R32 Mk5 – 2:51.308


Super Street Euro

  1. William Ho – Volkswagen Golf R Mk6 – 2:24.958
  2. Mark Darwin – Volkswagen Golf R Mk6 – 2:29.656
  3. Eugene Lee – Renault Megane RS250 – 2:31.298
  4. Yong Woen Wei – Audi S5 Sportback – 2:31.868
  5. Terry Teoh – Volkswagen Golf GTI – 2:41.367
  6. Mohd Aizul Shukri Bin Zolkipri – Audi TT RS – 2:41.7010