Some of them came all the way from Japan, and others represent the best that South East Asia can offer; these awesome Japanese machines are all gathered here at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, ready to make the Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore 2013 one of the best auto shows that we have ever attended.

And if you are a petrol head with JDM flowing through your veins, then this is definitely a show not to be missed. Ready to feast the eyes of the visitors are a myriad of mouth-watering machines, which some of them are stars in Option or Best Motoring videos like the Amuse S2000 and Spoon’s NSX-R. But those two are not the only ones Honda has in store as there is another special guest awaits, which we will be sharing with you soon.

Also basking in the spotlight are a couple of Toyota 86s that pretty much need no further introduction, like this greatly done specimen by Top Secret. Remember a news bit that we did a while back on the kit that DAMD did to replicate the Lexus LFA? They also have that one adding up the head counts for the 86; expect a feature of both of these nimble pups anytime soon!

Have a thing for GT-Rs, the R35 in particular? There are tonnes of them here, especially with the participation of the Singapore GT-R Owners Club pumping up the atmosphere with GT-Rs in various shades and mods. But do keep your eyes peeled as somewhere in the sea of cars, there is one Godzilla in particular which one could almost say be made out of carbon fiber. With the massive power that these beasts carry even in stock form, imagine how this one would run with the extensive diet it has gone through.

While this is called the Tokyo Auto Salon and people are flocking in to see the JDMs, it does not necessarily means that there will be no cars from Europe as there are also a couple of thoroughbred supercars giving the hall a bit more variant. But although the Aventador and SLS do pull in quite a crowd, our eyes are somehow locked to this gorgeous yellow Lexus LFA.

The Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore 2013 will continue to rock the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre from the 12 – 14 April with the doors opening from 10 am – 10 pm. So if you have yet to have any plans in store for the weekend, do make your way down south and while you are on it, do drop by the booth and say hello to us!



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