The battle of the Hypercars are only heating up now as 2014 approaches even closer and closer. It comes to no surprise to us that these million dollar machines are always desired by many rich and capable figures around the globe, especially in the middle east. But at the moment, everyone is spoilt for choice as the 3 big names from McLaren, Porsche and Ferrari are making their own iteration of ‘Hybrid Hypercars’.

Rumours in the grapevine has confirmed that the LaFerrari is now officially sold out. All 499 units of it! At $1.4 million a pop, that is a shade under $600 million of revenue that Ferrari will be expecting as they deliver the LaFerrari to its respective owners. On the other hand, Porsche is still open for orders for the 918 Spyders; having a hard time making the numbers and McLaren is only ‘almost’ having the P1 fully sold out. Is this a surprise that the attention has seemed to travel to Ferrari selling out the LaFerrari? Perhaps not..


Buying a Ferrari Hypercar is more than just buying a machine. It is an investment and many are expecting great returns 10 years down the line. Ferrari has a reputation for generation multiple folds over the original cost of the car, and same goes with the all-new LaFerrari where prices are expected to triple a decade down the line. The Hypercar it replaces, the Enzo had an original price tag of $650,000 new in 2003 but it has more than tripled today – with prices fetching more than $2 million for an example.

Its a proven fact that these Hypercars are a better investment bet than real estate property or stocks – making everyone lusting over it. Does this spoil the whole image? It really depends on how you look at it, but certainly these modern buyers with this mind set are not buying the car because the enjoy the machine, but buying it like a piece of artwork, speculating a price hike. Sad to say that the LaFerrari will probably be spending most of its life in a garage somewhere.. stored and kept in its original condition to retain its value.


We hope this will not be the reality – and that majority of the buyers will enjoy the LaFerrari like what it was made for. Ferrari spent lengths of time, making the LaFerrari the most amazing machine they can produce in the time.. but it’ll be such a waste to see it parked, and stored away from daylight. We should be expecting a few LaFerraris on our shores – so stay tune!