When we heard the bit that Peugeot is putting Sebastien Loeb to spearhead their assault in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, we were thrilled to see how their “Unlimited” class race machine will look like. With the cars in such class will carry an output of at least 1,000-horsepower, the 208 T16 Pikes Peak racer will not be like any other rally machine that Loeb has piloted before.

And after a few teaser images, Peugeot Sport has finally released a set of images revealing the full view of Peugeot’s new machine and in short, it looks absolutely diabolical.

Other than the all-black stealthy exterior, this monster is instantly recognizable with that extra-large carbon fiber wing residing at the rear. Although it has only been three weeks since the French car manufacturer announced their participation in the race, they could have been working on it for quite some time under covers as this is definitely not a three-week work result.

Although they had yet to release a full performance specification for this black beast, we could see that they had totally brought the 208 to a whole new level. Sporting the rear wing from the defunct LMP1 program, the interior has not been spared of any excess weight and left only with the necessities such as the seat, a very compact display, and of course an extensive roll cage just in case things go south.

Things are looking good so far, and this might be a great platform for Peugeot to rise up in the motorsports scene again. With WRC legend Loeb behind the wheels, do you think they could reach the peak before the 10-minute barrier?


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