If you were to spend a million dollars on a car, where would you want to see all that money had gone to? Other than a finely crafted exterior and an engine that plays a terrific symphony of sound and speed, the interior should also be both special and welcoming as that is where the driver will spend most of his time in. And over at Koenigsegg, they had poured a lot of attention in polishing the interface that connects the driver with the car.

To show how dedicated Koenigsegg is in ensuring the exclusivity of their machines, they assured that the driver will only come into contact with three types of surface while being in the cabin; leather, carbon fiber and metal. This “unique and functional” interior however takes a lot of time and effort to complete, but all of them really give the Agera R an interior like no other.

As no plastic is allowed, all the buttons available in the car are made out of aluminum, and are drilled with tiny laser-cut holes in order to form the pattern in identifying its function. The spring steel mechanism behind each button, rather than being manufactured by a third-party supplier, is also being designed by Koenigsegg themselves.

The attention to detail spans on to the single-piece carbon fiber steering wheel, partially wrapped in foam and hand-stitched leather for the driver’s comfort. Koenigsegg had also paid a very great attention to the paddle shifters to ensure that they make the right “trigger feel” while changing gears as this is also a part of the man-machine interaction.

Although there is an easier way of relying to a third-party supplier to make the parts like the paddle shifters, Koenigsegg likes to have control on every single aspect of their design and manufacturing, in which doing so would prove impossible to do so.