1140-HP from a V8 Engine? Not a Problem for Koenigsegg

Making a mind-blowing supercar is not an easy feat, especially for a new manufacturer that produces them in a low volume as they simply do not have the adequate resources or experience in building one entirely from scratch. Pagani relies on AMG to provide the thunderous V12 in their cars while McLaren even turned to BMW for a suitable power plant for their F1.

Koenigsegg however, prefers to have full control on their creations thus not following the trend that others had taken. Instead of having an engine made by some other motor manufacturer, they designed, built and tested the 1140-horsepower, twin-turbo 5.0-liter V8 engine powering the Agera R in house. Yes, it is a painstaking and expensive process to go through, but it is the best way in delivering a product with great quality to the customers.

The way Koenigsegg designs an engine is pretty unique; they do not set a horsepower target for the engine, they instead make it as best as they could and then put it to the test until it reaches the point of failure. Once the bugs are ironed out, they then repeat the whole process all over again. This meticulous process gives the Agera R an engine that is tuned for both durability and extreme performance.

But those two are just the tip of the iceberg as Koenigsegg’s engines got a lot more to offer as the engine could also accommodate different type of fuels found worldwide. Addressing the “flex-fuel” issue back in 2007, Koenigsegg’s cars could tolerate whether they ran on Brazil’s pure ethanol or China’s unleaded fuel.






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