Citroen DS3 Racing – 200hp Hot Hatch Set To Light Up The Competition

Citroen will be showcasing it’s hottest variant yet of it’s premium supermini, the limited edition Citroen DS3 Racing. It’s the product of Citroen’s Racing division, the same people who handle Citroen’s successful World Rally Championship cars, the DS3 Racing will limited to a strict number of 1000 units.

The DS3 Racing is powered by a tweaked version of the turbocharged powerplant that was jointly developed by BMW-PSA, Citroen and Peugeot. It’s the same engine that is used in the rivaling MINI Cooper JCW model, but in the DS3 Racing, the 1.6-liter THP engine produces an impressive 200hp.

And because the brains behind the car also build racing cars, you can expect that handling will match its looks and power. Citroen Racing has also tweaked the DS3’s suspension, steering wheel and braking components, all upgraded to improve driver feedback and handling. In the video above, you’ll see that the Citroen doesn’t only sound like fun on paper, the girls love it as well. In France at least.


Source: CarScoop

  • N
  • Feb 28, 2010
Fuiyooo!!! Another tech looking hatch.
  • G
  • Feb 28, 2010
wow...real nice looking hatchback car...
  • S
  • Mar 1, 2010
fwd?rwd?awd??? whatever it is im in love! freaking stunning!
  • T
    the sexy
  • Mar 1, 2010
the rims is nice..... and also the gal.... :-P
  • D
  • Mar 1, 2010
hoe its available for RHD series....