The Truth Behind Paul Walker’s Fast & Furious GT-R

If you’re a car nut then you should be a Fast & Furious nut as well. Remember Paul Walker and Dom tearing up the streets in their gorgeous monsters that had us drooling? Well, the car’s were nice but now I’m not sure if they were worth drooling over. Here’s Paul Walker’s GT-R used in the first F & F with a somewhat peculiar twist to it.

In essence it still is a GT-R thanks to it’s shell but in reality it is just a tube-framed buggy with a VW engine in the back instead of a RB engine up front. The engine bay is now empty. Well, before you feel conned, this particular car was used for jumping and driving down a flight of stairs and I’m guessing the real thing was used for the rest of the movie. But still, I’m just guessing.

Source: AutoBlog


  1. The shell’s nice though.maybe some malaysians rite now are considering for ‘enjin kancil bodykit skyline project’!

  2. aiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    oi, ini orang sudah tau lama laa.

    lu baru nak publish kat ur website ar?

    bikin malu la weyh!!!!

  3. hamham:

    i’ve never seen it also…u ingat kalau u dah tengok.. the whole world dah tengok ke ?? some of us still living in kampung la wei.. dun so narrow minded… !!!

  4. ^ agreed with AXXeLL.. kalo dah tengok, diam aje la.

    This is a blardy forum trend in Msia where everyone will be posting “Old News”, Mod pls lock the topic; Already posted before”


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