Video: New BMW 7-Series Technological Showcase

9080812006mini3lWe know how advanced the new BMW 7-series is, it really is amazing what cars have come to today. The video runs you through all the new advancements for the 7-series  working in real life conditions and how every new technology in the car works to make your driving all the more pleasant. But I’m not too sure about the night-vision though, I understand that it could save someone’s life but just watch and see how eerie people appear in the display, I wouldn’t want to come across that while driving alone through an unlit road. The video showcases the following technologies:

  • Driving Dynamic System
  • Lane change and lane departure warning system
  • Active cruise control and front-to-rear collision warning system
  • Night vision with person recognition
  • Head-up and speed limit display

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  • Aug 15, 2008
Uh..keshy...the night vision uses infra-red technology or detects heat signatures....and it can only display in black & white.....meaning that when somebody stands infront of gives off a white glow....the glow is from the body heat....

US police users this to find ppl bcoz it is much more efficient than a strobe does not show any shadows...
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  • Aug 15, 2008
nice display of technology ..