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Mspeed R34 GT-R – Rev Speed Time Attack Champion


Skyline’s are fast straight out of the factory, there is absolutely no doubt about that, a few World Championships in various races and terrified Aussie V8s will stand as a testament to the Skyline reputation. So naturally, tuned Skyline’s are even more ferocious in every sense of the word. Take this MSpeed R34 for example; it lapped the famous Tsukuba circuit in an astonishing 54.481 seconds – the fastest lap in the Rev Speed Time Attack Challenge, a record that was previously held by Cyber Evo’s at 54.642 seconds. This year, MSpeed returns to Tsukuba to face some stiff competition from the Prostock R34 and Nagisa Auto R34.


The design does look tempting for current R34 owners to imitate but it would not be possible, not in Malaysia, not in Japan, not anywhere. That’s because of the near zero ground clearance, it almost looks as if it’s riding on airbags or hydraulics and the insanely huge frontsplitter looks like it would be constantly scrapping the tarmac, picking up roadkill and trash along the way.


The frontsplitter is made from FRP and is only available when you buy the complete eleven piece body kit. It’s also functional as well as it’s a complete under panel that works to generate full downforce. The front bumper is specifically designed to house the splitter and to work as a home for the made to fit ARC intercooler.


The green on yellow bodywork suits the car perfectly and is not a theme a lot of cars can pull off so elegantly. The green wheels feature a one lug system, making it easier for quick wheel swaps when and if needed, Formula 1 style. For those of you looking to carry the look onto your R34 – the 18” wheels are made by Rays and are called TE37MAG. The tyres are purpose made, extra sticky RE55 by Bridgestone in 265/35/18.


The side exit exhaust on the right of the car don’t only look great aesthetically but in fact are a straight pipe design with no restrictors or anything else for that matter. So it’s just the exhaust and the 6-cylinder engine with nothing in between, just imagine the scream.

The massive rear spoiler is as functional as the front splitter at generating valued downforce and is of course made from carbon fiber and if you’re looking at going one step further, MSpeed also offers a carbon trunk to replace your heavy metal one.


Thanks to some wheel spacers, the rear wheels fit snuggly under the extra wide FRP rear fenders giving the car a wild wide stance but the most important aspect of this time attack R34 is the chassis. Completely seam welded it gives the car more rigidity and reduces flexing, a very important aspect for a car that’s built to carry speed in and out of corners.


Typical of track cars, the interior is bare and just screams functionality. The entire dashboard has been removed in favour of a much lighter one made from what else but carbon fiber. It features a Motec display and from this angle you can see the lights for the ABS and LSD on the right and the shift light.


The engine capacity has been increased from 2.6 to 2.8 liter and the stock turbo’s have been replaced for faster spooling AX53B60 turbo’s made by Apexi. The inlet manifold, elbows and downpipes are made in house by Mspeed themselves. This year they have fine tuned the engine and recorded an output of 780ps. That’s an insane amount of power for a Time Attack car, the real problem with these kind of figures is to get all that power on the road. But somehow Mspeed have mastered the technique and they will be defending the title this year.


Here’s another cool shot of the one lug system and the huge Brembo 4 pot calipers in the rear. The calipers in the front are a set of 6 pot Brembo’s. The rotors are 380mm in the front and 355 in the rear. If that doesn’t stop the car I do not know what will. I’ve attached a video of the MSpeed R34 doing its “thang”, so as always, turn up your speakers.

MSpeed R34 (8)MSpeed R34 (5)MSpeed R34MSpeed R34 (4)MSpeed R34 (6)MSpeed R34 (7)MSpeed R34 (3)MSpeed R34 (2)MSpeed R34 (1)

Source: SpeedHunters

Photography: Dino Dalle Carbonare

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  • Dec 1, 2008
i cannot see the video man..
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  • Dec 1, 2008
sorry bout that.. its fixed now.. enjoy !!!
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  • Dec 1, 2008
good sh!t
young boss, small garage, monster car
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  • Dec 2, 2008
wah. i turn up my speaker, but not sure what car is running behind for a mere 1 or 2 second. and a truck passing by too. chatting. or, u mean turn my speaker facing upwards?
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  • Dec 2, 2008
wikced~ typo~
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  • Dec 2, 2008
MSpeed sells kit?
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  • Dec 2, 2008
~my saliva is slipping out....i'll take this car over any gal in the world!!!
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  • Dec 9, 2008
you say that the m-speed r-34 skyline holds the lap record at tsukuba, but i thought that lap record still belonged to the HKS ct230r lancer evo or am i wrong about this.