Where can i get this steam cleaner? I wanna clean the puke off!!


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May 27, 2011
Kuala Lumpur
Ariete Steam Cleaner Vapori Jet, where can I get this brand or similar price range steam cleaner as I wanna clean of the puke stain off my fabric seat. Or any sifu here have a better more budget way of cleaning it off? Steam cleaner is more of a "placebo" effect for myself because of the price.

Can any one post links of previous detailing works done on fabric seats and hard to reach door trims area done by the detailing gurus here and also recomend few products and methods best to be used? I would really appreciate the efforts guys!

We all dont like dirty cars especially dirty interior! Lets make motoring an enjoyable and also a clean, hygenic palce to be!! :D


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