where can i get the full bodykit skyline r34 gt-r and how much does it cost???

Jan 26, 2008
hellooo everybody..i'm a new guy here..owned a skyline r34 gt-t around ipoh...anybody skyliners from ipoh here???i would like to change my body kit with the compact r34 gt-r full bodykit...where can i get it?..n how much does it cost??maybe skyliners from KL can do a favour 4 me aite?? ;)


4,000 RPM
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4,000 RPM
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Feb 20, 2006
Try searching or post in the Skyline thread .... They are a few that does fiber-works there ...

Bring your car out more often in Ipoh ....

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hi all MIVEC hybrid sifus and guru, i have a simple question, well, its not for myself actually, enquiring for a friend who plans to hybrid his 4G93T with a MIVEC head, well my question is a fairly simple one, what timing belt does this setup uses?
i was told that a Supra 1JZ timing belt would fit, is this true?

thanks in advance for any sorta opinion given :)
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