Overhaul? Kosong engine?


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Oct 4, 2012
My EG (B16A auto) had this problem for quite a while but cant really determine what's wrong with it. After driving a while like 2-3000 km I need to replace my spark plug due to the car vibrate during startup. However, last few days it got worst cause during cold start it choke and die off. My mechanic says its due to water passing through the head (not sure did i translate it correctly) so need to open up the engine and check to what extend is the damage. :banghead::banghead:

They say estimated cost will be around 3k to fix but need to check the engine to be really sure.. might need to buy kosong engine if kena the block :banghead::banghead:

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BTW have my compression checked and they say its 140 psi for cylinder 1 and 4, 110 psi and 120 psi for 2 and 3..
just buy engine kosong... chances are ull get a manual version which means more power than the auto version....alot more straightforward than having to open up here n there... may cost a lil more than RM3k.. but itll be worth it.
After gone through my engine and this is the suggestion given by my mechanic:
(1) Change liner and use bak the stock piston
(2) Change piston and liner for higher power
Yes, the original liner has deep scratch which cant be smooth out. One of the piston also got scratch but still ok. What should i do? B16A Auto..
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