Optimum Coating : Nissan Teana (3 months old but Major correction)


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Jul 13, 2010
We will be show casing this 3 months old Nissan Teana. Although it is not a special car but you would be shocked to find out that this is actually a 3 months old but yet looked like a year old car. Owned by a very well known fashion designer in Malaysia, she called us to save her ride from rotting to the ground.

From a distance the car looks like is in a good state but lacking some waxing. We looked closer to find more shocking events.

Notice a light circle around the light, the car was covered in fine scratches like this.

The surface was almost not hydrophobic at all. Being a 3 months old car, we expected the car to have a sleek and clean surface but we were wrong.

Bird dropping stain spotted on the front bonnet.

We also spotted heavy watermark issues on the paint.

A closer look onto the swirls and scratches.

We also found that the car had been sent to a low quality poor workmanship polish which left us with alot of hologram or also know as buffing marks.

We concluded that this car is not in a very good shape for a 3 months old car. We started our restoration process. The car was first clean with a extensive wash then moved back to the parking bay which is where we will be spending the rest of the day restoring the paint.

We also spent some time on the engine bay getting it all shiny and clean.

Swirls were correction after a extensive 4hr compound and polishing.

From another panel.

Completing the entire car swirls free.

We removed the watermark stains on the paint, here is a side by side comparison on the same panel and same camera angle.

From another panel we inspect to see if we missed anything. The car is paint ready for Optimum Coating.

As usual, we will leave the results un-captioned for purely a enjoyable view.


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May 19, 2010
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