Need help

Oct 18, 2018
Helo, need help.. Planing to change my absorber to adjustable so im wondering which is good for long traveling n bumpy road, kyb rs pro or zerone ssr550?

Tq very much for ur guys reply..

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hi guys,,, jus wana share my bad day.... my car been scratch by some major bastard, low life mtf yesterday nite at parking lot..(cheras):angry_smile: i really wonder wat kind of species enjoying doing this to people.. mine is not the only 1 kena here,,,,cars been kena scrath here almost every month n now my turn...
i swear if i ever saw any of this mtf doing this kind of shit 2 any cars, i will make him suffer, i wish whoever did that to my car " will bang by cars, lost his arm...half dead...
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