Mazda Track Day in Sepang 27th Oct 2013


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Nov 10, 2009
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Guys, here comes the biggest event of this year! Our Mazda Mega Gathering Track Day 2013 will be held on 27 OCT 2013 (Sunday). We have planned a fun filled day for us all. For 2013, we gonna do it with RX-8, Mazda 3 MPS & MX-5 club. Let's make Mazda Mega Gathering Track Day 2013 the largest ever and we aim to achieve 100 car on Sepang International Circuit.

Confirmed Itinerary for the Mazda Mega Gathering Track Day 2013 . Please ensure everyone's on time to gather at the meet point because there will be Drivers and Event Briefing prior to the largest Performance Mazda convoy on the face of this earth!!!

9 00am - Mega Convoy
10 30am - Car formation and group photography session.
11 30am - Registration.
12 00am - Lunch Buffet.
1 00pm - Safety Briefing.
2 00pm - Beginner Section.
2 45pm - Pit in Beginner section.
3 00pm - Advance Section
3 45pm - Pit in Advance Section.
4 00pm - Open Section
6 00pm - Pit In Open Section.
6 30pm - Lucky Draw & final event group photo.

Mega Convoy - 9.00 am
The meet point will at Sepang Tol GPS location 2.83231,101.660975 (park at road side after the tol) at 8.30am. The more punctual participants are, the earlier we can set off and have more time for the photoshoot
The convoy to Sepang International circuit will be via Klia Extension Hwy. There should be police escorts for this and the committee will be the appointed Marshall's equipped with Walkies Talkies to assist. Their role is similar to the police escorts, which is to ensure an orderly & safe convoy to our photo-shoot location. We will be leaving sharp at 9 30am
if you miss the convoy please head straight for the Pad dock area.
* take note this will be starting point videographer*

Car formation and group photography session - 10.30am

The shoot will at SIC pad dock car park & take at least 1 hour. With 150 cars, we hope to be able to position all cars in 30 mins with remaining time for individual and group shots with the cars. Models and Photographers will be paired and will cover the cars.

Registration - 11.30am

Right after the shoot, it will be Registration booth at Media Center Sepang International Circuit to confirm car entering Sepang International Circuit Track & goodies bag

Buffet Lunch - 12.00pm

Right after the registration, It's a Buffet Lunch so bon appetite and eat your heart out!

Safety briefing - 1 00 pm

Safety briefing will be held on 1 of the Media Center room.

Beginner Section - 2 00 pm

First half hour will be the orientation drive for first timer in SIC track, we encourage you guys to take part on this.

Clear Beginner Section - 2 45 pm

Clear the track and prepare for Advance Section driver

Advance section - 3 00pm

This will be full 45min hot-lap for advance driver to test out limit of car.

Pit in Advance Section - 3 45pm

Clear the track and prepare for Open Section driver

Open Section - 4 00pm

This will be full 120 min open for all beginner Section & advance section driver.

Pit In Open Section - 6 00 pm.

Park your car at pad dock parking head & return transponder at Media center

Lucky Draw & final event group photo - 6 30pm.

Lucky Draw & Group Photo at media center


All Costs for the day should be financed up-front by each member of a sum RM 300 Track participation fees and will include goodies bags, Lunch. Additional Non Track participation / additional pax for RM 100.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
When is the event?
October 27th Sunday from 8.30am till late evening

How do I register?

How much is the participation fee and what will I get in return?
The participation fee is RM 300. Included in this fee will be your participation in the participate SIC track entry , photo-shoot, full day videographer/ photography, models, lunch, a goodies bag.

How much do I have to pay if I bring additional pax or not tracking?
RM100 standardize pricing for all participate that are not entering SIC track or passenger.

Is it safe to drive in SIC?
Yes, rest assure this event will be run by TCC and their have good reputation to be know as safe track day.

Who are the committees for this event, what are they in charge of ?

1. Dan Tan - Lead Finding Sponsor & model selection
2. Joey Ch'ng - Lead photographer & model selection.
3. Lim Woay Chee - Lead Photographer & model selection.
4. Dennis Woo - RX-8 Club Lead , Convoy & Car Park arrangement.
5. David ho - RX-7 Club Lead , Account Holder & Finding Sponsor.
6. Nigel - TEAM MPS Club Lead.
7. Yvonne Tay Matsushima - Club Registration.
8. Razi & Nur - Account Holder , Club Registration & Finding Sponsor.
9. Jackie Ho - Event Designer.
10. Adrian Wong - Convoy & Car Park arrangement.
11. Chew - Club Registration , Finding Sponsor & model selection.
12. Vincent - Club Registration & Finding Sponsor.

Nuff said. The only pre-requisite for you to join this event is to own an RX-8,RX-7,Mazda MPS & MX-5, so if you fit the bill and interested to be apart of of this historic Mazda Car Event, due to limited slot please check with your club representative for confirmation track entry slot registration.

Rx8 - Dennis Woo - HP 016 3226538
Rx7 - David Ho - HP 012 7091413
MPS - Nigel Chia - HP 019 2107882
MX5 - Alex - HP 019 2625789

* Note that payment is required after Registration. For Track entries registration is first come first serves basis.*