[DIY] Relay circuit for trunk release

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Jun 25, 2007
This is entry about how to add a trunk release using aftermarket cheap alarm.

The circuit diagram are my only suggestion, I have not test it in real situation or real circuit. It might work or it might not. I do not take any responsibility for any injury or any other losses. Do at your own risk.


How this circuit work :-

In order to this circuit work, you need to have 2 button remote for door lock.
By pressing LOCK button, it will trigger left relay, charge the capacitor and trigger middle relay.
Within a few second, you need to press UNLOCK button to trigger right relay and release door lock as well release trunk.

Note: this diagram only suitable if the remote use negative trigger. If remote use positive trigger, right and left relay can be eliminate. You may also use another relay for trunk release.

Does this work for any car setup?
Does this work for any car setup?

Not really bro. It only work with 2 remote (lock & unlock) button. If stock remote myvi/viva/alza, it did not work coz only have 1 button lock & unlock.

In order to release trunk, need to press LOCK button and siren will beeping, then within a few second press UNLOCK to unlock door & trunk.

If press only unlock, it only unlock door.
You will still require to install an electronic release actuator on the trunk lock. My Preve comes standard with trunk release. IMHO, it's no biggie. May cause unnecessary worry that the trunk opens on it's own. Specially worse when some owners install springs which automatically jacks up the lid. Guess, I am just old fashioned.

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