Volkswagen debuts the Golf GTI Clubsport pre-production study in Worthersee!


Audi is not the only one to bring a mouth-watering concept to Worthersee as Volkswagen also has something underneath their sleeves. After revealing a couple of design sketches beforehand, VW has finally released the first batch of the Golf GTI Clubsport’s official photos, a pre-production study which will debut at the Worthersee GTI Meeting.


The Clubsport is meant to be an anniversary model which will be joining the production lines next year, which is in time for the Golf’s 40th anniversary. Packing an output of 265PS (261-horsepower), the Clubsport fits nicely between the Golf GTI Performance (230PS) and the Golf R (300PS) in the automaker’s hot hatch line up.


One of the main features of the Clubsport is a boost function that can temporarily increase peak power by 10-percent. The Clubsport can be easily recognized through its distinctive exterior where it receives a completely new front bumper, new side skirts, a new roof spoiler and a specially developed rear diffuser.


All these additions as quoted by VW were designed with the aim of further increasing the performance of the GTI, with the Clubsport now being “extremely stable” at high speeds and allows for “breathtaking cornering speeds” thanks to the significantly improved downforce. As for the time being, VW has yet to release any official figures for the Clubsport.