Is Acura planning for a hotter version of the NSX in the future?


It is natural that once a high-performance car is made, there will surely be a harder-hitting higher-performance version of the car that follows. The new Acura NSX had been keeping us at the edge of our seats for ages for its official unveiling and finally after its reveal at Detroit, Acura still has future plans for this new supercar.


Interviewed by Auto Express, Ted Klaus who is the chief engineer of the new NSX gave a hint that they are already eyeing in making a hotter version of the NSX; the Type R.


“I think everyone who loves cars wants to see a version that we say is pure red,” said Klaus when asked about the possibility of an NSX Type R. “Someone asked me, ‘when will you be satisfied?’ Probably never. What you do today, you can improve on tomorrow.”


As a recap, the NSX-R was launched in 1992, two years after the release of the NSX. Featuring some weight-shaving moves that reduced 120kg from its original weight, the handling was also refined for improved track performance. With already 550-horsepower and a zerotohundred time of less than 4 seconds, the new NSX-R will surely be the supercar for us to look forward to.