BMW finally unveils their new M6 GT3 at Frankfurt!


While we loved watching the BMW Z4 screaming at the top of their lungs at Sepang, we are pumped to see a new generation of race car that will soon replace this trusty coupe. The waiting may not be long as BMW had unveiled their new M6 GT3 race car at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show and it sure is one hell of a looker.



To understand how good the Z4 is, it had recently managed to clinch the overall victory at the recent Spa 24 Hours and also came second overall at the Nurburgring 24 Hours. Sounds challenging, but the M6 should be able to match or even surpass the Z4’s track record as it boasts a lot of improvements over its predecessors.

2016-bmw-m6-gt3-race-car_100527724_h 2016-bmw-m6-gt3-race-car_100527737_h

The M6 GT3 uses the same 4.4-liter V8 engine fitted to the road car, but was only been slightly modified to suit its new home which is the track. This dry-sumped power plant pushes out 585-horsepower and is paired to a six-speed sequential transmission mounted at the rear axle for better weight balance.


A longer wheelbase means that the M6 GT3 should ensure better handling compared to the Z4 GT3. Made out of composite materials to keep the weight down, the whole self-supporting steel chassis, welded FIA-approved safety cell, and carbon fiber crash structures brings down the car’s weight to only 1,300kg.


The new M6 GT3 is expected to make an appearance in the motorsports scene in 2016 and will cost race teams 379,000 Euros (RM 1,827,993) a piece in Europe.